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KN = Keynote BP = Best Practices   FD = Faculty Development   ET = Emerging Technologies   HT&R = How-to & Resources   S.ENG = Engagement of Students   IA/HT = Innovative Approaches/Hot Topics


Thursday, April 10, 2014 Schedule
8:45-9:00am Welcome and Logistics –
9:00-10:00am Keynote: Dr. Alec Couros – Identity, Networks, & Connected Learning Archive
Session A Session B Session C
10:15-11:00am 1) IA/HT – Using the Internet to Develop and Teach a Course Without a Textbook.Presenter: Nanc Slizewski, UW-Stevens Point 2) ET – Image and Avatar Selection and Dissemination Issues in Online and Blended Education: Issues of Inclusive Excellence and Educational EffectivenessPresenter: Jo Ann Oravec, UW-WhitewaterArchive 3) HT&R – A Beginner’s Guide to Blackboard CollaboratePresenter: Karla Farrell, UW-Colleges and ExtensionArchive
11:15-12:00pm 4) IA/HT – Garage Physics: Project oriented learning in an open maker-style laboratoryPresenter: Duncan Carlsmith, UW-MadisonArchive 5) BP – Ethics, Academic Integrity and Turn-It-InPresenter: Elizabeth Buchanan, UW-StoutArchive 6) FD – Improving Learning by Design: A faculty development programPresenters: Kristin Koepke and Jen Snook, UW-LaCrosseArchive
1:00-1:45pm 7) IA/HT – Operation Photo Rescue: An evolution of teaching methods to improve student performancePresenter: Katie Stern, UW-Stevens PointArchive 8) ET – Chatting Across DepartmentsPresenters: Katie Sanders and Eric Bass, UW-Colleges and ExtensionArchive 9) BP – Content, Cognition, and Constraints: A Framework for designing positive User Experiences in Learning Management Systems.Presenter: Margene Anderson, UW–MadisonArchive
2:00-2:45pm 10) IA/HT – History of 4-H in Wisconsin Wiki: Using Mediawiki to create a Collaborative History of Wisconsin 4-HPresenters: Dennis Larsen and Jane Jiumaleh, UW-Extension, Mary Wise, UW–MadisonArchive 11) S.ENG – Piazza vs. D2L Discussions: Tools for Online Communication and InteractionPresenter: Laura Middlesworth, UW–Eau ClaireArchive 12) BP – Using Online Learning to Engage and Motivate in Blended and Virtual EnvironmentsPresenter: Mary Churchill, PhD, UW-SuperiorArchive
 3:00-3:45pm 13) IA/HT – Driving Down Cost and Increasing Student Engagement Using GinkgoTreePresenters: Dylan Barth, Rachel Baum, and Megan Haak, UW–MilwaukeeArchive 15) FD – 0-2000 in 60 days: Engaging faculty through bloggingPresenter: Joanne Dolan, UW–Green BayArchive
Friday, April 11, 2014 Schedule
8:45-9:00am Welcome and Logistics
9:00-10:00am Keynote: Dr. W. Gardner Campbell – Awakening the Digital ImaginationArchive
Session A Session B Session C
10:15-11:00am 16) S.ENG – Student-to-Instructor Interaction via Online RoomsPresenters: Kristin Koepke and Maggie McDermott, UW–LaCrosseArchive 17) HT&R – Developing Digital Outreach Education and Support for ParentsPresenters: Anne Clarkson, Rebecca Mather,
Steve Small, Mary Huser, UW-Madison/UW-Extension, Lori Zierl, UW-Extension Pierce
County, Kristen Bruder, UW-Extension Dunn County, Pattie Carroll, UW-Extension Dodge CountyArchive
18) FD – Don’t Leave Your Students Hanging By a Virtual Thread: Strategies to Increase Instructor Presence in Online ClassesPresenter: Julie Zuleger, UW–OshkoshArchive
11:15-12:00pm 19) S.ENG – Going to Make you Sweat: Active Learning in WebconferencesPresenters: Thomas Arendalkowski, UW-Extension (ICS) and Karla Farrell, UW-Extension (CiTS)Archive 20) HT&R – Using PowerPoint to pre-record lectures for online viewing.Presenters: Mike Maddox and Amy Freidig, UW-Extension, Master Gardener ProgramArchive 21) FD – A Community of Practice Model for Faculty Development in Instructional TechnologyPresenter: April Pierson, UW–Eau ClaireArchive
1:00-1:45pm 22) IA/HT – What’s in your Tech Tool Set?Presenters: Linda Wawiorka, Bonnie Peterson, Nancy Whitaker, and Nicholas Ravnikar, UW–ParksideArchive 23) HT&R – UX in the LMS: Content, cognition, and containersPresenter: Margene Anderson, UW–MadisonArchive 24) FD – Developing Faculty Skills for Online LearningPresenter: John Hollenbeck, PhD, UW–Colleges Archive
2:00-2:45pm 25) IA/HT – Flexible Physics Mobile – Videos bridging lecture and lab for physics higher educationPresenter: Duncan Carlsmith, UW–MadisonArchive 26) HT&R – Using Google Forms as an Assessment toolPresenter: Tony Roman, UW Extension Cooperative ExtensionArchive not currently available 14) S.ENG – Oneida County “Gadget Kits” Library ProjectPresenters: Tim Brown and Erica Brewster, UW Extension Oneida CountyArchive
3:00-3:45pm 27) ET – Design, Development, and Implementation of an Active Learning ClassroomPresenter: Mary-Alice Muraski, UW–River FallsArchive 28) HT&R – If that’s the way you want it, that’s the way you make it: Using Camtasia Relay to Make Quick and Easy Online Presentations.Presenters: Daniel J. Himes, Christopher Miller, Les T. Johnson, UW–MilwaukeeArchive No Session
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